Kelly Nash for State House District 31

Standing Bold for Alaska

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kelly nash

Why I Am The Best Canidate

I will Fight.

I am a True Conservative. I fully support and live by the US Constitution, the state of Alaska Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence and I will fight daily to maintain those freedoms for all people. 

How Kelly Will Make Your Voice Heard.

kelly nash with MAGA "mega" phone

With a Strong Community Connection.

Owning a local Fairbanks business since 2006 has given me the chance to work hands on with members of our community. This gave me the experiences need to put me in the best position to be able to serve you. Being that we live in a small community anyone should be reachable especially your elected officials of the Alaska State Legislature.

And Being A Problem Solver that is Here to Listen.

Being that I have been a hairdresser for nearly 30 years It has given me the listening skills that are needed for communication, not just hearing you but listening to you and understanding your wants and needs. I am a problem solver. 

Kelly nash pictured with Trump 2024 flag

we stand together

Connected with our team today to hear about upcoming events as well as patriot meeting groups.