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Where I Stand.

I support the Second amendment

The right to keep and bear arms in the United States Is a fundamental right protected by the second amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights and by the constitution of the State of Alaska. The Second amendment declares - A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Education - Bring back the basics Reading, Writing and arithmetic.

Alaska is ranked 48th in the country for low test scores and reading skills. Educators and the NEA need to concentrate more on educating the children than indoctrinating our children. The language used for CRT needs to be stricken from the learning process. Families should have freedom of school choice without hassle.

Pro Life

Life begins at conception! At 4-6 weeks you can hear the child's heartbeat. I will work toward funding adoption. Many families want children and cannot have them. Making adoption easier and less spendy will help many Alaskan families. Adoption isn't talked about and it needs to be, more education on adoption, and services to help with counseling, from people that have gone thru the process. Lives can be saved.


Keep the family together at all costs Parents are to instil morls and values into their children and not the government. When it comes to child custody Fathers are just as important as mothers and should be treated as such. The family unit is extremely important in so many ways. Not only for security and stability but Love and compassion. OCS needs to be dismantled and built from the bottom back up. While they have done some good they have also done a lot of harm to the family unit.

State Budget

Alaska has to move away from being a welfare state. Alaska has a plethora of natural resources that makes Alaska self sustainable. Too many special interest groups are receiving state money and it needs to be stopped.


Mandates are an over-reach of the law, I will fight back against unlawfulness. You have the Constitutional right to bodily autonomy. No Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates or Mask Mandates.

PFD - Follow the Law

The PFD should be enshrined into the state Constitution. This is the only way to preserve the AKPFD. This is our money not the governments.

Election Integrity

No ballot harvesting, No ballot boxes, repeal and get rid of Rank Choice Voting, Get rid of Dominion Voting machines. Go back to paper ballots that are hand counted.







we aren't afraid of trying new things

Be part of something great

Grassroots patriots, the people, were ready to start pushing back against the tyranny that was happening in our state. We started with fighting for the children, the next generation. We reminded our local school board that children have Constitutional rights and we would not stand by and just watch. We were able to educate officials and pressure powers to get masks off the kids and leave it to choice. We fought back against rank choice voting being implemented at a borough level through education and action, and we won. We fought to not allow vaccine passports in the Borough building and, again, freedom came out on top. We are fighting to have the Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee, through the school district, focus on real issues and represent all values. There is so much more we’ve done and are doing at the local level.

The patriots organized and started fighting the legislature on state issues that are important to everyday Alaskans. My organization has been able to pull patriots out of their comfort zones to start testifying at the legislature and emailing. We stood on corners at our local hospital fighting for patients rights. We ordered ivermectin and HHQ and passed it out to people that got sick. We educated people on the vaccine and gave support to those that had their livelihood hanging in the wind over mandates. We still give that support. We testified for our full PFD, and call out the lawmakers who fight still to break the laws.

When I realized We the Peoples voices have been falling on deaf ears I filed for office.
I am Grassroots.

I am a True Conservative. I fully support and live by the US Constitution, the state of Alaska Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence and I will fight daily to maintain those freedoms for all people. 

Kelly Nash for State House

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